My Beer Glasses Suck

Eric:  Living in New York City (Brooklyn for me, Manhattan for Andrew), kitchens are barely kitchens.  That’s expected.  But MY kitchen is barely a barely kitchen.  I can’t cook, so I can deal with the two square feet of counter space and smaller than normal appliances.  But what hurts is the lack of cabinet/storage space.  Lack of space for beer glasses, specifically.  I moved in before my BrewBoyz days, and brought an old set of regular glasses, and a new set of regular glasses.  Possibly from Crate & Barrell (not really sure, ask my mom, Mrs. BrewBoyz).  Neither set is particularly good for beer.  In fact, they’re all pretty crappy.  Always trying to better me, Andrew has these, from Bed Bath & Beyond:


After much use, they get the BrewBoyz stamp of approval.  $14.99 for a set of 4 is a great deal.  Add in Bed Bath’s ‘return anything in any condition and we’ll give you a new one’, there is really no reason not to have them. Although I wonder if you can really bring in shards of broken glass and get a brand new glass.  Andrew will break one eventually (or soon), so we’ll find out.

ANYWAY, what I should obviously do is throw out or donate some of my crappy glasses (the concept of donating them seems nice, but I’m lazy and will just throw them out), and get the ones above.  But, as mentioned earlier, I’m lazy.  So I’m stuck with my crappy glasses and a random assortment of free ones I’ve acquired over the past year:



-two The Glencairn glasses my parents brought back from the UK (for whiskey)

-a tasting glass from the Savor festival in NYC we just attended (reviews coming soon)

-a Stone Enjoy By pint glass

-a Beer, Bourbon and BBQ tasting glass

-a Captain Lawrence Brewery tasting glass

Disregarding the tiny ones, I pretty much have two beer glasses.  That is not enough for a BrewBoyz (there is no plural).  I suck at being a BrewBoyz.

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