Bad Beer is Bad

Eric: We love the fact that good beer is good.  But due to some sort of mathematical sorcery, this must also mean that bad beer is bad.  And the BrewBoyz agree.  We avoid bad beer like I avoid manual labor, but just like I sometimes have to change a light bulb or carry my laundry bag to the dry cleaners who do it for me and return it the very next day in an amazingly compact clothes-cube, sometimes it’s unavoidable.

A great example is sporting events.  I’ve attended many Brooklyn Nets basketball games at the Barclays Center.  The weird thing about this brand-new arena is that the food is pretty great.  They have local Brooklyn stuff like Habana Outpost, Brooklyn Bangers, Fatty Cue BBQ, and L&B Spumoni Gardens. Even cheesecake from Junior’s.  But the ONLY ‘good’ beer for sale is Brooklyn Lager.  Brooklyn Lager is fine, but when there are so many other local options they could have included (Kelso, Bronx Brewery, Captain Lawrence, Sixpoint, Blue Point), it makes a BrewBoyz sad.  So in moments like these, when we’ve had enough Brooklyn Lager for one night (or one lifetime), it’s time to make a horrible choice: would we rather drink disgusting Bud Light, disgusting Miller Lite, disgusting Coors Lite, or disgusting Budweiser.  I personally always choose Bud Light.  It tastes like bad carbonated water, which compared to the others is a good thing.

We ask you, when forced to choose, which bad beer would you buy?

2 thoughts on “Bad Beer is Bad

  1. None of the above! All of the beers listed are horbs… I imagine bum pee is something close to Coors. I’d rather watch the game at the beer garden and have a nice Weihenstephaner Vitus. Never settle for bad beer!

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