The Coolest Thing Ever (or at least the coolest thing I saw today)

Eric: As a real estate appraiser, I go into stranger’s homes daily.  This is both good (nice people, offers of homemade cookies), and bad (hoarders, more hoarders).  Today, I was lucky to enter the home of my new friend and honorary BrewBoyz Carl.  As I was inspecting his apartment, I noticed this:


Cold beer. 4 taps.  INSIDE. In NEW YORK CITY.  It was custom built for him as a birthday present by a friend, who is clearly the greatest friend ever.  Carl is a home brewer, and poured me a glass of his “Wittekindstrasse Hefeweizen”, which he named after a street he had lived on in Germany.  During my recent hop-crazed year, I lost sight of what got me into beer in the first place: a good German or Belgian wheat beer.  This one was light and bubbly and was really great as a midday surprise drink on a hot day.  Thanks Carl!


3 thoughts on “The Coolest Thing Ever (or at least the coolest thing I saw today)

  1. Carl is a perfectionist and he knows good beer. I was lucky enough to sample two varieties tonight and both were quite excellent.

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