It’s my birthday and I’m posting on this blog


Cantillon 100% Kriek Lambic, 2011

Andrew: It’s my birthday. I’m now 46 mins into a new year. Why the hell am I posting on this blog you ask?

Well, my pregnant wife is asleep after returning from 11 Madison Park tonight for probably the greatest meal I have ever had. So I’m bored, my tum tum is full, and I’m in post-epic beer bliss.

That’s because I had a Cantillon 100% Kriek Lambic (2011). It was a great compliment to the meal and I enjoyed every sip immensely. I actually tried this beer for the first time (and several times) at The Festival last weekend and loved it, so it was great to enjoy a big 750 ml bottle and get to experience it for hours during the meal.


Ithaca Brewery 11 Madison Park Picnic Basket Pale Wheat Ale

A nice surprise was this Ithaca Brewery Picnic Basket Pale Wheat Ale. Why is it called Picnic Basket?  The course was served in an actual picnic basket along with a hot soft pretzel, mustard, cheese and this bottle of beer that is brewed by Ithaca Brewery only for this course at 11 Madison Park. As the name states, it was a wheaty pale ale with a nice hoppy flora aroma and flavor but light on the bitterness.

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