!!!BrewBoyz Warning!!! !!!!!LOCK UP YOUR BEER!!!!!

Eric:  Hide your daughters and padlock your refrigerator, there is a beer thief causing havoc in NYC.

When we went on our Vermont trip, my two friends nicely watched Nikki, the BrewDogz.



She loves them, and is best friends with their dog, Prima.  And what’s better than a puppy sleepover party?!


slumber party!

To thank them, I brought a 4 pack of Heady Topper to the nightly puppy playtime at Walt Whitman Park.


the scene of the crime

I put the bag with the beer on a bench and watched the puppies play.  About 30 minutes later, I noticed the bag was gone. Thinking someone threw it out by accident, I checked the nearby garbage can.  I shrieked in horror as I saw an empty can of Heady Topper.  Someone, right in front of our eyes, drank a can, threw it out, then stole the rest!  The worst part of all this is knowing that he has no idea how epic the beer he stole is.

If you see someone walking around with a smile on his face, make a citizens arrest, and call 1-800-BREW-BOYZ!  The BrewBoyz thank you!

Andrew: How do you know the thief didn’t know it was an epic beer? Maybe he or she did know and that’s why they took it . . . it was me.

Bwaaaahahahaha! So epic! So yummy!

Bwaaaahahahaha! So epic! So yummy! Can’t wait to drink the other three!

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