It’s Hot, and Other Science Facts

Eric:  Science can be pretty science-ey sometimes.  That’s evident by the heat wave NYC has been experiencing.  As I type this, it’s 96 with a heat index of 105.  It’s so hot that it’s caused trees to shed bark almost as fast as I’ve shed clothes.


nudist trees

I’m sure you’ve heard that beer makes you dehydrated. Well, don’t believe the lies perpetrated by the bottled water lobby in Washington DC.  After an extensive study in the BrewBoyz laboratory, I’ve concluded that beer not only hydrates you, but is good for you.  How do I know? Because it tastes good.  I challenge you to think of even ONE thing that tastes good and is bad for you.  I’ve had a steady diet of ice cream, bacon, beer, and cheeseburgers for months now, and my heart only stops a few times a day.  But thanks to beer, it starts up again just as new, beating irregularly like always.

So if you’re hot and need refreshment, put down that water and raise up a glass of beer.  Show those fat cats in Washington that they don’t own you!

disclaimer: do not follow any of this advice

Andrew: I’m home sick with a sinus infection. Do you recommend that I drink beer, Dr. Eric?

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