Reading Is Hard, Lists Are Fun, and This List is Wrong

Is Russian River's Pliney the Elder Imperial IPA the best beer in America?

Is Russian River’s Pliny the Elder the best beer in America?

Eric:  If you’re like me, you’re illiterate, but slowly grasping how to read.  I’ve gotten most words down, but when they are put together in sentences and paragraphs, my head starts to hurt and I give up and drink beer.  This is why lists are great.. who needs all those unnecessary sentence words?!

But lists, unless written by a BrewBoyz, are usually wrong.  Including this one.  I don’t know what a Zymurgy is, but I am not impressed.

Rated too highly:

#8. Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA

#19. Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale

Rated too lowly:

#16. The Alchemist Heady Topper

#21. Three Floyd’s Zombie Dust

#42. Russian River Blind Pig

They also rated Samuel Adams as having the ‘best portfolio’ because they have 40 different beers.  But about 36 of them are gross.  AND there is no Hill Farmstead anywhere on the list! For shame, Zymurgy.  With a stupid list like this, how can you even call yourself a Zymurgy?

What do you agree/disagree with?

Andrew: Is that LeVar Burton? I think you could have found a better photo of him, like this one:

I agree with the rest.

But, seriously, that list sucks and there’s too much I disagree with to even mention. Pliny is a fair #1, though. My personal favorite is Heady Topper.

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