Beer Frenzy Friday

Eric:  A leisurely stroll to deposit checks at the bank become a spontaneous beer buying frenzy.  I don’t remember most of it since I blacked out from the excitement, but two stores and $120 later, I have this:


Professor Fritz Briem 1809 Berliner Weisse  x 3

Maine Beer Company MO

Maine Beer Company Zoe

Firestone Walker Wookey Jack x 2

Avery/Russian River Collaboration Not Litigation x 2

The Bruery Hottenroth Berliner Weisse

The Bruery Saison Rue

I’m getting off my IPA-only diet AND experimenting with sour beers all at the same time!  I’m most excited to try the Avery/Russian River collaboration, which was somehow only $6.99 in NYC.

After all this excitement, I need a nap.

Andrew: This might be the second time I have ever changed your stubborn mind about something you’ve hated on.

2 thoughts on “Beer Frenzy Friday

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