Dinner at Luksus

Open kitchen at Luksus

Open kitchen at Luksus

(note: The menu/beer pairings change often)

Andrew:  Eric and I had a lovely dinner at Luksus, a small restaurant hidden in a back room of Torst in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York.

The food was very good. Don’t go super hungry because they serve very small portions—I didn’t mind because it was all very tasty and the beer pairings were great. Most of the beers served during the tasting course are exclusive to Luksus and are not served in the front bar.

Mikkeller's It's Alive Rhubarb

Mikkeller’s It’s Alive Rhubarb

To start, we shared a 750 mL bottle of Mikkeller It’s Alive! Rhubarb, which is brewed especially for Torst and only served in the tasting. It was amazing. Great Brett funk with intense rhubarb flavor. I love Mikkeller’s stuff. They are definitely one of the most inventive breweries in the world, especially when it comes to their sours.

Next was the Hof Ten Dark. This was a dark saison. I like dark saisons because I’m not usually big on malt unless in a saison or wild ale.

Crooked Stave Surette was next. I’ve had this beer several times, including at Savor and The Festival, where I had the amazing peach whiskey limited variant. Before each beer paring the server would ask you’ve had the beer before. After I let the server know that I love Surette, they then came out with a Crooked Stave St. Bretta summer, brewed with blood orange. (The St. Bretta seasonal beers are brewed with a different citrus fruit for each release. The first, spring 2013, was brewed with tangelos.) I actually had this at The Festival, as well. They couldn’t believe it.

Then we had Stillwater As Follows, a Belgian pale ale, which my friend actually brought for my birthday beer share! Next they told us: “You can pick whatever you want from the menu. ” 🙂

I chose The Bruery’s sour stout Tart of Darkness and WOW! This was by far the best beer of the night. When you think of a stout, you might think of a big heavy beer, but this beer was far from a typical stout or porter. The super tart funk cuts through any heaviness. Great dried fruit and toasted flavors. Here’s the description from The Bruery:

We brewed a stout – no, not Black Tuesday, this one is only 5.6% abv if you can believe it! But we then decided to put it into the barrels that previously housed Black Tuesday and various other strong ales and added our special blend of souring bacterias and wild yeasts. The result is a perfectly tart yet awesomely dark and roasty sour stout. Not a style you will see very often, and in our opinion, not a style seen often enough.

ABV: 8%, Release: Summer

Justin Blåbær with Blueberry dessert

Justin Blåbær with Blueberry dessert—a perfect pairing!

Next we had the Evil Twin Brunello Wine Barrel-Aged Justin Blåbær Berliner Weiss. It was served with blueberry sorbet including blueberry cookie dough balls and fresh blueberries in this sweet corn sauce. It was a very good beer. The style was somewhere in between a Berliner and an American wild. Great blueberry to complement the food.

Next we split a bottle of Evil Twin Torst Back Room barleywine (aged in port barrels). New for me, though I had a taste of the Front Room (aged in Malaga barrles) at The Festival. I’m not a huge barley wine fan, but I really enjoyed both of these.

Finally, we asked if we could finish off the bottle of the Tart of Darkness and they said “Sure!”

The Bruery's Tart of Darkness

The Bruery’s Tart of Darkness

What a great night of beer, and food, including a delicious slice of pig neck!

Yummy Pig Neck

Yummy Pig Neck

Cheers to the staff at Luksus for treating us like VIPs!

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