BrewBoyz Reviewz of the Day: New Maine Beer Company

Eric: Maine Beer Company.  I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I suspect it’s a beer company, although I have no idea what state it’s in.  Whatever and wherever it is, they make some of my favorite beer.  At the Goose Island Takeover at Top Hops, I bought a bottle of their two new bottles, “Weez” and “Another One” . They were only 9 days old!  Both are made from the same 4 hops (Warrior, Cascade, Citra, Simcoe).

Weez is a black IPA, which was good but was a bit too malty/roasty for me.  Not a fan of malts, unless they are in milkshakes.   This one had 8 different malts.


(also, notice the lacing on the glass!)

Another One is a standard light-colored IPA.  It smelled amazingly citrus-ey, and was much less malty (only made with 3 different malts).  I liked it a lot better than the Weez, but felt it smelled hoppier than it tasted.


Overall I was a bit disappointed by these two.  They are still both very good and I will definitely have them again, but I expect more from the heartthrobs at MBC.  I’d put Lunch (one of my top 5 favorite beers ever), MO, Peeper, and Zoe above these two.

What’s your favorite Maine Beer Company Beer?  No not you.. YOU

Andrew: I completely disagree. I love Another One. I think it is just as good as their other hoppy beers and would probably rank this one only below Lunch, and not by that much. Eric, I think you’re goddamn crazy. Not hoppy?!?! It’s super hoppy. It’s not bitter, but it is very hoppy.

Dear people of the Internetz: Please don’t listen to Eric. Weez is a very solid Black IPA. I agree that it’s not mind-blowing, but still very solid. Another One, on the other hand, is AMAZING. Don’t listen to him. Buy this beer. Enjoy it. Love it. Realize that you should only listen to me.


Eric: Just for the record, I did enjoy Another One, and would happily have it again.  I just hold MBC up to a higher standard than anyone else, and think (for them) it’s average.  Compared to other stuff, it’s much higher than average.

6 thoughts on “BrewBoyz Reviewz of the Day: New Maine Beer Company

  1. i passed up some weez last week. i have been wanting to try it since i heard of it, next time it is in maybe. I agree MBC can really do no wrong, everything i have had of theirs has been top notch. Mean Old Tom is my personal favorite so far.

    • I would definitely try the Weez if you like their stuff. I’m not a huge black IPA fan, in general, but I think this is a nice one. I’m not so into black IPAs because I feel like you drink an IPA because of those floral, citrusy qualities, but the malts in a black IPA kill all of that and you’re really only left with the bitterness of the hop.

      And because Another One is not so bitter, but very floral and citrusy, Weez becomes much more of a malty beer that lacks the bitterness of the hops. I’d say that Weez is my least favorite of MBC’s offerings that I’ve had (including the brewery exclusive beers), but that’s like picking The Beatles’s worst album—even their worst is great.

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