Randomz Beerz Reviewz Episodez Twoz

Eric:  There are some important moments in life.  Being born (done),  becoming a man (Bar Mitzvah:done),  having beers on tap for the first time… DONE.

My first stop tonight was Strong Place, where I had an Ithaca Flower Power and a Stone Enjoy By 9.13.13.  Both were great hop punches to the face.


flour pouwer


enjoi bai

Then I went to Great Bar Harry, where I had a Crooked Stave Saison Vieille Artisanal
and a Gasthaus & Gosebrauerei Bayerischer Bahnhof.  Both were great sour punches to the face.  The German one was a potato beer. I didn’t really taste the potatoes, maybe beacuse I had rosemary and garlic french fries with dinner.  What will they think of next, beer made with malt and hops?!



sour potato

sour potato

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