Lunch Fight

Eric:  Brewboyz drink beer together, but sometimes Brewboyz drink beer seperately (my spell check wanted to change ‘separately’ to ‘desperately’.  There’s some truth to that).     Last night, Andrew thought he was so cool drinking a Maine Beer Co. Lunch (one of our favorite beers ever).  But little did he know that I was EVEN COOLER drinking my own Lunch.

Spontaneous, coincidental inter-borough Lunch drinking doesn’t happen often, but when it does… I usually win the Lunch fight.  Especially because afterwards, I had 4 amazing rainbow cookies.  And especially especially because after that, I felt really full and disgusting and went to bed, but was too full and disgusting to fall asleep.  WINNER.

Andrew: I clearly won. My bottle was 10 days old. Eric conveniently left out very important evidence in order for you, our many readers, to make your decision. He wouldn’t even say what his bottle date was when I asked multiple times, because he was embarrassed by his old, dusty bottle that he’s been saving and knew that I was having a better Lunch. Admit it! My batch wasn’t even bottled when you bought yours. Inferior!!!!

Here’s a tip, The Internet: Never save fresh IPAs. You should know this, Eric. He also admitted to me yesterday that he still has Enjoy by 9/13/13!!! It’s October 5th!!! The horror!!!!! This is the true definition of alcohol abuse.

Bad form for a “Brewboyz” … Sad, really.

I win … Again and as always.


Who do you think won the Lunch fight?

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