Home Improvement

Eric:  Living in New York City is great.  The constant noise, traffic, crowds, tourists, rats, pigeons, garbage, and cripplingly high cost of living all contribute to a very stress-free life.  The one bad thing about living here is the lack of space and storage.  My apartment pretty much looks like this:

my living room

my living room

Andrew is lucky.  He has a baby and uses the crib as beer storage and just puts the baby on top.  I don’t have the luxury of having a newborn, so I actually had to clean out one of my closets.  And behold!  Beer closet!



Bonus: Since I now have a lot more room to store it, I can buy a lot more beer with money I don’t have.  Yay!

Where do you store your beer?

5 thoughts on “Home Improvement

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