It’s a Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer World

Eric:  Oh, hello.  This weekend was a pretty great one… this was mine:

Friday night I FINALLY drank my (very old) Stone Enjoy By 9.13.13.  It was still great.

Saturday the BrewBoyz went to The Jeffery, a new bar on the lower Upper East Side.  It was their official opening celebration (even though it had been able for a while already), so they had some great stuff on tap.  I had a Russian River Blind Pig (first time ever on tap), and a Russian River Damnation (first time ever ever).  Both were very great, but still not even close to the draft Pliny the Elder I had in Portland.

Then we got a bit crazy with their bottle list, getting a Cantillon Gueuze 100% Lambic.  But that obviously wasn’t enoiugh, so we next got a Cantillon Kriek 100% Lambic.  I’d never had anything Cantillon before.  They were both absolutely mindblowing.  Super sour and complex.  And the Kriek had a really strong, amazing cherry taste.  After the bar, I had a Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA from my Portland trip, and a Bear Republic Cafe Racer 15.

Sunday was a lot less crazy, but still very good.  I went to Bierkraft in Park Slope and bought a Ballast Point Sculpin IPA (in a really cool looking can) and a Stillwater Classique (to save).  I also got a taste of Local Action Bourbon Barrel-Aged Kentucky Common.  It was unlike any beer I’ve had.  It was dark and had the chocolate and coffee tastes of a stout, but also had the sourness of a wild ale.  It blew my mind.  If anyone lives in Chicago, please send me some.  K thnx bai.

I ended the weekend with my first Double Dose IPA.  It’s a collaboration between Lawson’s and Otter Creek, both in Vermont.  It smells really strongly like orange and grapefruit, and was really smooth and not too bitter.  I don’t think it will replace Heady Topper for me, but it’s close.

And now to sleep…perchance to dream.

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