My Beer Glasses Don’t Suck Anymore

Eric:  Approximately once a year, I have a birthday.  This year, my BrewParentz got me two sets of beer glasses.  My beer glasses used to suck, but they don’t anymore!

The set is made by Libbey (you can get them at Bed Bath and Beyond for $19.99 here), and includes 6 different glasses:

15 1/4-ounce classic pilsner

20-ounce English pub glass

16 1/2-ounce Belgian ale glass

20-ounce craft pub glass

14 3/4-ounce porter-stout

23-ounce wheat beer glass

Since I had no room for 12 more glasses, I had to do some Brewboyz Home Improvement and threw out about 30 lbs of tupperware I never use.



Now in addition to my beer closet, I have a beer glass cabinet!



Here’s one of my fancy new glasses filled with Cigar City Dry Hopped on the High Seas

fancy yum

fancy yum


Andrew: Thank You, Eric’s BrewParentz! My visits are a lot better now.

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