!!!Amazing IPA Alert!!!

Omnipollo Fatamorgana Imperial IPA

Omnipollo Fatamorgana Imperial IPA: Great beer with the coolest bottle ever?

Andrew: The first time I tried a beer by the Swedish brewery Omnipollo was at The Festival this past summer. I actually spoke with Henok, founder and brewer, and he told me about all of the beers they were pouring (while we waited in the long line to try Cantillon’s Zwanze). He was a really nice guy, and I made sure to try all of the beers they were serving (Nebuchadnezzar Imperial IPA, Mazarin pale ale, and Agamemnon stout). I especially LOVED the Nebuchadnezzar. When I heard about a new Imperial IPA being released (from what I understand) only in New York City, called Fatamorgana, I had to jump on it and get a bottle to try. Here’s Henok’s description:

Drawing inspiration from the fidelity of a Saison – rustic, alluringly cloudy and crisp – this double IPA (8%) was brewed using oats and wheat. Dry-hopped twice with Columbus, Centennial & Citra for maximum enjoyment.


I was really intrigued by the saison connection, since I love saisons and was looking forward to trying something that sounded like a saison/Imperial IPA hybrid.

Fatamorgana really lived up to my expectations. It really reminds me of Hill Farmstead’s Society & Solitude #5. The appearance is super cloudy, just like that beer, too. You cannot see through it at all. It makes Heady Topper look like a Miller Lite in comparison (just talking looks, here!).

The aroma is POWERFUL. It’s a citrusy bomb on the nose and palate. (Even my wife who hates beer smelled it and really loved the aroma.)

The taste also really reminds me of the S&S #5. Super grassy and citrus from the citra hops. The yeast they use (like the S&S #5) imparts a very slight sourness.

I loved it. I wish that it wasn’t $13 in NYC, because I could drink this beer forever and never get tired of it. It’s probably one of the best Imperial IPAs I’ve ever tasted. It also really reminded me of Ithaca Brewery’s new Imperial IPA The Creeker, which also has a very similar flavor profile and appearance—grass and citrus explosions.

I highly recommend finding this beer if you live in NYC.  Try to get it elsewhere if I’m wrong about it only being in NYC (I’m not sure if this is really the case).

Also, I just wanted to mention that they have the coolest bottles in “the biz,” in my opinion. Really, though, they’re badass, and I think the Fatamorgana is probably the coolest one yet.

Keep up the good work, Henok!

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