I tried a couple new IPAz this weekend

Sixpoint Hi-Res

Sixpoint Hi-Res

Andrew: I decided to try a couple new Imperial IPAs this weekend. The first I had was Hi-Res from Sixpoint Brewery. (It’s so new that there aren’t any online reviews yet at BeerAdvocate or Rate a Beer yet). I’m a fan of their Resin Imperial IPA, but Hi-Res is an even more hopped-up version of this beer. It’s bursting with tropical fruit juice flavor—I get tons of citrus and papaya. I didn’t find this one as “resin-y” as the Resin—much more fruity. Hi-Res is also pretty strong with a 11.1% ABV. It drinks very smooth at first, but you get more booze and more bitterness from the hops as it warms. I was feeling so “groovy” after just one can that I put on some BeeGees records and bellbottom pants … so pretty groovy … anywaaaay …

Victory Hop Ranch

Victory Hop Ranch

I also tried Victory’s Hop Ranch. I enjoyed this a lot and would definitely drink this again and again. It’s not quite as strong as Hi-Res at 9% ABV, but it drinks much lower than that. It’s an easy beer to describe: Pineapple juice. It’s like someone juiced an alcoholic pineapple into my glass. It even has the same appearance as pineapple juice. I really like that Victory is putting out some new Imperial IPAs like this and DirtWolf, which is probably my favorite of their beers. I hope both Hop Ranch and DirtWolf stay as year-round offerings from Victory. Good work, people who make beer there!

***BONUS BEER MENTION*** (It’s a bonus mention because this was not consumed this weekend and I don’t want to change this post’s subject. I’m a stickler for accuracy.)

DC Brau On the Wings of Armageddon

DC Brau On the Wings of Armageddon

Another great Imperial IPA that I’ve had recently is DC Brau’s On the Wings of Armageddon. A friend of mine from the DC area brought me a six pack. Hi-Res has almost the same flavor profile as this (they even look similar). Both taste like juicy tropical fruit punch. The can is super scary looking, but the beer is super delish.

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