BREAKING NEWS! Alchemist Announces a new canned beer!


Last week we told you about The Alchemist’s plan to open a 2nd brewery and retail shop. Today John Kimmich announced that they will be canning Focal Banger IPA at the 2nd location.

Greetings from John

Posted on 1/26/14

Greetings People of Earth,

I have been meaning to put out an update on the beer front for some time now.

We are clicking right along here producing Heady Topper.  We continue to make limited release specialty beers each month. Since we no longer have a retail outlet for our specialty beers, we decided to start releasing them at our Waterbury accounts in draft form. The first beer released on draft was Ouroboros. I followed that one up with El Jefe, our dark IPA. In a couple weeks, we will be releasing the first batch of Focal Banger, an American IPA first brewed at the pub back in the day. Focal Banger will be brewed with Mosaic and Citra, and we are working on fine tuning the malt bill. Jen mentioned in the previous blog that we are looking for a location for a second brewery. This is where we will be brewing Focal Banger on a regular basis, offering it as our second canned beer. Until that happens, we will be selling it on draft at our current Waterbury locations. You might see it pop up for sale in cans as an experimental run very soon. This will be a limited kind of thing, due mostly to the fact that we do not have a regular retail location.

We will most likely be pulling special events permits from the state, and putting on ‘POP-UP’ type sales of Focal in cans. Rest assured, we will announce such sales in advance through our normal channels of communication. Please, do not get too excited about this too early. We have a lot to line up before Focal Banger is regularly available in cans. We will be focusing on dialing in the recipe for this beer throughout the summer and fall, therefore, it will be available in one form or another for the foreseeable future.

It has been a lot of fun rewriting the recipes for all of my other beers. Losing everything in the flood has actually become a sort of blessing in that I get to go back to square one with what I want these beers to taste like. We have batches of Beelzebub, The Crusher, and Petit Mutant in the tanks in various stages of production. These will also hit the market in the coming months. The Beelzebub and Crusher will both be available in draft form only, locally only. We have been experimenting with canning the Petit Mutant, so keep your fingers crossed on that one…

Stay tuned and look for another update in the next couple weeks.


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