Prairie Artisan Ales Puncheon

Prairie Artisan Ales Puncheon

By: Eric Sturniolo

Prairie Puncheon

Our Tulsa, Oklahoma obsession continues with yet another new to New York City bottle from Prairie Artisan Ales. The 25.4 oz bottles (at 7% ABV) cost about $14 around the city. It’s a farmhouse rye ale aged in oak barrels, with wild yeast strains. It has a funky lemon aroma, with some scents of white wine as well. The flavor follows the smell. I got citrus (especially lemon and orange), oak, and the typical farmhouse funks, especially on the back end from musty brettanomyces. It’s very refreshing, and like their Birra, goes great with food. Overall, another great beer from one of our favorite new breweries;

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