Grassroots Brewing Arctic Saison

Grassroots Brewing Arctic Saison

Anchorage, AL

Saison/Farmhouse  – 6.00% ABV

By: Eric Sturniolo

arctic saison

Grassroots Brewing, an offshoot of the best in the world (literally) Hill Farmstead, is a collaboritve effort between Shaun Hill and many collaborating breweries. As opposed to Hill Farmstead beer (brewed on site in Greensboro Bend, VT), Grassroots beers are typically brewed and bottled at the different breweries.

Arctic Saison traveled a long way to get to us. Brewed with (and at) Anchorage Brewing Company, it’s a crisp beer made with brettanomyces, fermented in oak barrels. There’s a nice fizzy head, floral aromas, and very funky tastes. I also picked up lemon, cracker (lemon cracker?), pineapple, and barnyard funk. This is the 2nd ever batch, so if you can find it on a trip to Vermont or a trade with another beer nerd, definitely go for it.

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