Carton Boat Beer

By: Eric Sturniolo

Carton Boat Beer

Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Pale Ale ā€“ 4.20% ABV

carton boat beer

This local pale ale is a sessionable treat. A session beer refers to the fact it has lower alcohol, so you can have several in a ‘session’ without any annoying side-effects like alcohol poisoning. Boat beer is the flagship of Carton, a great brewery located on the Jersey shore.

Like a good session beer, it’s extremely easy to drink. The smell is of grapefruit and lemon, while the taste is hoppy, bitter, fruity, piney and mossy, but not overly so. Kolsch yeast and German malts balance it out.

Luckily for us, this is readily available on tap in NYC. And since it’s so close by, it’s usually super fresh, making it even more delicious! Unluckily for us, cans are only distributed in NJ so far, but hopefully some get to us soon!


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