Hair of the Dog – Bourbon Fred – 2013 Edition

Hair of the Dog – Bourbon Fred – 2013 Edition

by: Eric Sturniolo

2013 bourbon fred

One of my favorite breweries ever (and certainly the most unique) is Hair of the Dog, and after aging this for two years, I couldn’t wait any longer to open Bourbon Fred.

“Regular” Fred is aged for 6 months in oak barrels. It’s then aged for 18 more months in Kentucky bourbon barrels to produce Bourbon Fred. Like many HoTD beers, there is no carbonation or head, and pours murky and cloudy, with an aroma like nothing else. It’s sweet (there’s Belgian candi sugar in it) but in a burnt sugar way, and tastes of dark fruit (fig,cherry), molasses, and lots of oak and bourbon. The end tastes of caramel, toffee, and vanilla. At 12%, there is definitely a touch of booze in the taste, so drink slowly, especially since the flavors change (for the better) as it warms up.

For more about this awesome brewery, read our interview with owner/brewer Alan Sprints here.

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