Best of the Bottle Share

Best of the Bottle Share

By Eric Sturniolo

6-25-16 bottle share

We recently hosted a bottle share at The Wilky, a new (and great) craft beer spot in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. We were lucky to have a lot of cool people bring a lot of amazing bottles. The standouts, whether for pure quality or uniqueness, are below.. happy drinking (and sharing!):


tasting glasses ready to go!



Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus- fantastic raspberry lambic from one of the best breweries in the world. Oak, tart, sweet berry.

cantillon rose de gambrinus



Cascade Gingersnap 2013- the most unique beer at the share. It stops just at the point of being too sweet, balanced by the ginger and spices. 10% ABV completely hidden. Liquid gingersnap cookies.

cascade gingersnap



Bruery Mocha Wednesday 2015- There’s nothing like ending a 6 hour bottle share with a 19.2% beer. This is a big, hot beer with cocoa and coffee. You can feel each sip.

bruery mocha wednesday



Plan Bee Narcissus- a wild ale aged in oak for a year, then blended with fresh wile ale. Tart and oakey!

plan bee narcissus



Cigar City Da un Beso a la Botella- We did a side-by-side rum barrel aged beer tasting with this and Captain Lawrence Rum Barrel Frost Monster. I slightly preferred Cigar City’s version, with tastes of brown sugar, dark fruits, and licorice.


J. Wakefield Ryevan Drago- An amazing imperial stout, and my personal favorite. Aged on vanilla in rye whiskey barrels, it’s a perfect flavor combination of vanilla, booze, barrel, and dark fruit.

j wakefield ryevan drago



Logsdon Peche n Brett 2014- 1.5 pounds of peaches per gallon, aged in oak, then fermented with pear juice. Two years of cellaring didn’t diminish the fruit, but it did change it. This beer tastes like liquid, bubbly peach rings.

logson peche n brett




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