Bells Bourbon Barrel-aged Expedition Stout 2018


One of the best parts of the growing national beer scene is getting to try beers that were once only available at breweries. We’re very lucky in NYC to have a huge distribution network that just keeps getting bigger.

I’ve wanted to try Bells Bourbon Barrel-aged Expedition stout since it was first released in 2016 … but it was only available in very limited supplies at their brewery in Michigan—until now. I was so excited to hear that we would finally be getting this beer in the New York market (in bottles in select areas across the state and in limited kegs around the city).

The nose is decadent bourbon, vanilla, and toffee. The mouthful is oily and coats your mouth with every sip, with a nice low, but persistent carb. Taste follows the nose, with the signature huge roasty malt backbone that I know well from the base beer.

It’s such a well-done beer at such a reasonable price point—around $7-8 in most New York stores. Make sure to track down a pour of this fantastic barrel-aged stout at bars around the city. I’ve been told that kegs will be very limited—so run, don’t walk!

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