TapRm.com Review: A New Online Craft Beer Service for New York


TapRm.com is shipping beer directly to New York residents.

As the craft beer industry grows larger, more breweries have focused on serving their local community and fans, rather than looking to distribute far and wide. That presents a problem for craft beer nerds … cough, cough … enthusiasts who have an insatiable appetite and are always looking to try the newest and tastiest brews outside of their local market.

That’s where the Brooklyn-based service TapRm.com comes in. The company is helping to bridge the gap between New York beer fans and local breweries that don’t distribute to the state. The process is simple and easy: Select the beers from top craft breweries from around the country from the service’s website. Then TapRm safely packages and ships the beers right to your door.

“I am so proud to share what TapRm has to offer with my fellow New Yorkers,” says Jason, TapRm CEO and founder. “As a craft beer lover myself, I have experienced firsthand the disappointment of not being able to find beer locally from some of my favorite out-of-state breweries. I used my experience working as a lawyer in the industry to identify and develop a convenient solution to this unnecessary problem.”

I got to try the service and was amazed that the package arrived in only one day! Most orders take about 2-3 days to arrive.

Currently there are 25 breweries available on the site—most not available in New York state or in very limited distribution. TapRm says they’re on track to soon have 200 breweries and about 1,000 different beers in stock to ship directly to consumers. “We encourage all beer lovers to let us know their favorite brewery or beer,” says Sherman. “We will do everything we can to prioritize launching with them!”

Even local New York brewers have started working with the service to ship their beers directly to consumers without having to go through a large statewide distribution network. “As a local New York brewer, we did not have the resources or distribution system to get our beers out to consumers across the state,” says Emily Watson, owner of Plan Bee Farm Brewery in Poughkeepsie, New York. “Incorporating TapRm onto our website positively changed how we operate, enabling us to reach far more of our loyal consumers in our home state!”

I used the service to try some of Plan Bee’s beers that aren’t normally distributed or easy to find in my region. My favorites were Bloody, a Blood Mary-inspired sour farmhouse ale, aged with tomatoes, basil, celery, Tabasco peppers, horseradish, and aged in pickle barrels, and Royal Jelly, another sour farmhouse ale aged in bourbon barrels with honey. I also really enjoyed Connecticut Valley Brewing Company’s Sherwood Imperial IPA, made with Mosaic hops, which impart big berry notes.

It was awesome to try some beers that I would have never had the chance to otherwise, but the best part of the service for me was the time I was able to save. Normally, I’d have to set up a trade online, or travel to a brewery and sometimes wait in long lines to get the same beers I received by just ordering directly from TapRm. That time savings is invaluable to me. I recommend trying out this new, convenient, and reliable service for yourself.





3 thoughts on “TapRm.com Review: A New Online Craft Beer Service for New York

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  2. horrible service, i monitored their driver on taprm’s app for tracking i waited outside for the driver when he was a block away from my resience. he turned on the wrong street and stayed there for 8 to 10 momutes, the driver NEVER called my phone as instructed in my order and marked me down as Customer not available and keft… no calll, no courtesy, no good, NO MORE OF MY BUSINESS EITHER. i wouldnt buy from them hot beer all the time. stale as heck. dont wasre your money on them

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