Bell’s Double Two Hearted

Bell’s Two Hearted India Pale Ale is one of those beers that almost everyone has tried and almost everyone still loves, year after year. It’s also one of the beers that triggers the ol’ nostalgia nerve whenever it’s brought up. Can you remember the first time you tried one? I can! And just like all those years ago, Two Hearted is still a well-balanced example of hops and malt.

Double Two Hearted Ale Imperial India Pale Ale takes what you’ve always loved about the original and magnifies it. There are big hops, a big malt character, and a lot more alcohol, though you’d never know it.

On first sip you get citrusy hops, followed by a piney bitter bite. Then a big malt caramel richness follows, smoothing out what could be a big boozy finish from the 11-percent ABV. I didn’t even realize how strong the beer was until after I finished it and was surprised by its ABV after looking it up.

Not only do I love this new incarnation of Two Hearted, as is, I’m excited to see how it will age. Age an IPA, you say? Yes! When it comes to a beer like this, I think it will age really well over the next several years (under proper cellaring conditions). The hops will surely fall off after several months, but the malt character of this beer reminds me a lot of other similar beers like Dogfish Head 120 Minute Ale. It should evolve similar to styles like barleywines and strong ales. I say grab (at least) two: one to have fresh and another … for science!

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