Welcome to Where’s The Beer NY

Andrew, Eric, and Mike.  Three friends who love craft beer and kind of love each other (platonically).


Andrew has a wife and a baby on the way.

Andrew talks about beer using words like “hops, matliness maltiness (for the record, Eric made this typo), drinkability and flavor profile.”


Eric has a dog and a food baby on the way.

Eric talks about beer using words like “oh shit this is good” and “ew”

Together, harnessing the power of beer and bromance, the Brew Boyz were born!

Mike, the new BrewBoyz. Already one-up'ing us with his beer sticker.

Mike, the new BrewBoyz. Already one-up’ing us with his beer sticker.

Mike loves NYC and all the beer it has to offer. But Mike didn’t enjoy getting peed on by strangers, so he moved to Maine with his wife and two kids so the entire family could be peed on by wild fauna.

Mike will be focusing his reportage on beers and beer events outside of the five-borough universe.  He typically uses a theoretical fourteen-point parallax graphing system to gauge a beer’s quality, but he can’t remember where he put the instructions, so he won’t be doing that here.

One thought on “About

  1. Great to hear one of you guys went to stop by Ambulance. I have asked this question of others I know well and some I don’t. Each had an opinion I respect when it comes to beer. Pick a radius, 50, 100 miles. Where is there a better board that represents all beer palates? If you know of one, please let me know.

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